About Us

We win 99% of claims for people who have been mis-sold PPI. Some of our successful Clients are awarded thousands of pounds of compensation, with some being awarded over £20,000.

The founders of Professional Personal Claims Ltd have been involved in the Loan and Insurance business since 2000. They have worked for various Lenders in various capacities, many of which involved the marketing and arranging of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies, Mortgage Payment Protection Plan (MPPP) Insurance policies and Accident Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) cover; these types of insurance are now collectively referred to as PPI.

Our founders became very familiar with the relatively unscrupulous techniques used by Lenders and Brokers to promote the sale of this type of Insurance. Despite being qualified to sell PPI, between 2000 and 2009, our founders became aware of the huge financial incentives offered to Bank staff and Brokers for the sale of overpriced, low quality payment insurance policies.

Whilst not agreeing with the practices adopted by Lenders and Brokers to sell PPI, our founders were at that time powerless do to anything about it. In 2009, our founders decided to establish a Company to help people who had been mis-sold this type of insurance claim their money back. Since 2010, our Company has helped thousands of people claim back millions of pounds.

We believe the secret to our Company's track record for successfully winning claims is that is our Senior Managers have previously worked alongside Lender and Brokers who sold PPI. Therefore, they understand the techniques used by the Lenders to mis-sell PPI, the records they kept and the records they failed to keep. This knowledge has proved very helpful when seeking to win PPI claims against Lenders and Brokers.

Our Company does not set out to be a jack of all trades but seeks to be a master of one. We only deal with claiming refunds for mis-sold PPI and we concentrate on claiming against Lenders who we are very familiar with.

Our Company has never and will never junk text or cold call people. Our Company will never buy leads from Companies who junk text or buy leads from Companies that do. All of our clients are recommended by previous clients who are satisfied with our service or choose to contact us by making internet enquiries.

Our clients are our most valuable asset and our best advertisement. We understand clients cannot always find all of their documentation, or remember exactly how their Lender managed to sell them PPI, but pride ourselves on still winning 99% of mis-sold PPI claims for clients who have been mis-sold this type of insurance.

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