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Natwest Bank has sold thousands of Natwest PPI (Natwest Payment Protection Insurance) policies, in the form of Natwest Credit Card PPI. Unfortunately, many borrowers were mis-sold Natwest Credit Card PPI by Natwest. Natwest have paid out over £1.6 Billion pounds and may have to pay a further £3.2 Billion pounds to borrowers who were mis-sold PPI by Natwest.

Unfortunately, you will not get your money back just because you make a claim. People often forget Natwest keep copies of paperwork and recorded calls which can prove borrowers agreed or asked to take out PPI. People who use template letters or fail to prove they were mis-sold PPI are disappointed when their claims are rejected.

A nationwide firm of Solicitors that specialises in PPI disputes has warned that up to 80% of PPI claims are rejected. This means that for every ten people who try to make a PPI claim, only two people are successful. However, we specialise in mis-sold Natwest PPI claims and have a 99% record of winning claims for clients who were mis-sold their Natwest Credit Card PPI.

We will take care of all the paperwork to ensure our Clients receive a full refund of the money they paid for PPI, the interest they have paid on it and up to 8% interest for each year since they took out the PPI. This is why our some of our successful Clients are awarded thousands of pounds of compensation, with some being awarded over £20,000.

Even if you do not have any paperwork, cannot remember if you took out PPI or have repaid your Natwest Credit Card, as long as you took out your credit card in the last 15 years we may still be able to help you claim back thousands of pounds.

To find out how much we can help you claim back for your mis-sold Natwest PPI in 15 seconds CLICK HERE

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