natwest history

1968, National Provincial Bank (est.1833) and Westminster Bank (est.1836), merged as National Westminster Bank.

1970, National Westminster Bank commenced trading, with the three-arrowheads symbol as its logo.

1972, The bank launches its first credit card, Access.

1976, Computer-linked cash dispensers, 'Servicetills' are opened.

1980, National Westminster Home Loans were established. Also during this time new services were developed such as telephone banking and touch-screen share dealing to assist the government's privatisation programme.

1982, The Small Business Unit was established.

1986, The 'Big Bang' encouraged National Westminster Bank to enter the securities business.

1988, Switch debit card extended the electronic transfer of money to point of sale.

1990s, financial services markets world-wide underwent massive change and in response the bank refocused its activities, exiting from a number of markets and adopting the title of NatWest.

2000, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) completed the acquisition of NatWest in a £21 billion deal that was the largest take-over in British banking history. NatWest is now part of one of the world's largest financial services groups.

2009, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) launches a consultation paper proposing measures to force Banks such as Natwest to pay compensation retrospectively to customers who were mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

2010, Natwest joined other Banks in seeking a Judicial Review to stop the FSA making them pay compensation retrospectively to customers that were mis-sold PPI.

2011, The High Court Judge presiding over the Judicial Review rules against the Banks.

2012, Natwest (owned by RBS) put aside £1,735 Million for PPI compensation payments to customers.

2013, Natwest (owned by RBS) have paid out £1.9 Billion in PPI compensation payments to customer and raise their provisions with a further £250 Million.

2014, A further £100 Million is put aside for PPI Compensation payments to customers making it a total of £3.3 Billion so far.

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natwest ppi news
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   NatWest and RBS fined £2.8m over complaint handling failures
   £22 Billion is set aside by Banks to compensate for PPI
   Four Million more customers may be entitled to PPI pay outs